Bead crochet.  From the moment I saw all of the beautiful creations on Pinterest, it was love at first sight!


 I said to myself, "Gwendolyn, surely you can do that! You know how to crochet, so how hard could it be to just add beads?"  It was actually harder for me to grasp than I thought and for the life of me, I just could not figure out why.  Frustrated and unhappy, I found myself in a relationship that I wasn't sure I wanted to be in, any longer.  So I broke up with bead crochet. 


Feeling like I needed to try something different, I turned to Kumihimo (a Japanese braiding technique we will discuss in the future).  Kumihimo was great!  It was easy, gave me a similar look to bead crochet and we got along well!  However, Kumihimo didn't give me the same " butterflies in my stomach"  feeling that bead crochet did and it came with a lot of apparatus: the disc, the weight, the bobbins!  Not easy to travel with but a sure conversation starter! Although I liked Kumihimo, I wasn't in love with it.  I decided that we would remain friends and I parted with Kumihimo on good terms.  


When I decided to pursue a relationship with bead crochet again, I was determined to make it work this time.  With a little more patience and the help of some experienced bead crocheters cheering me on and offering some amazing and insightful advice, soon bead crochet and I reconciled our differences; and have since embarked on a beautiful relationship.


This time, our relationship was built on patience,  a solid foundation of three rounds of crochet without beads, a clear understanding that slip stich and single crochet should not be used at the same time and from time to time, stopping to make sure that all beads in the round are accounted for.


In bead crochet, you pre-string the beads for your project onto yarn, thread or even wire, before you begin to crochet.  As you crochet, you slide the beads into place and they are secured by either a slip stich or single crochet stitch (two basic crochet stiches).  With bead crochet, you can create beautiful necklaces and bracelets!  Of course there are other things you can make,  but I mention those because they are what initially got my attention and what I tend to make the most.


When I first started teaching myself bead crochet, I went all in!  After all, if the lady in the YouTube video could do it, so could I!   As you get to know me, you will find that I tend to start any new project as if I have been doing it all of my life, as I tend to believe I am capable of doing all things on my first attempt and it will turn out great!  It usually does turn out great...NOT every time on the first try, but eventually! (LOL) 


If you are interested in learning bead crochet, please go the "Contact Me" tab and let me know!  I'd love to show you!








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